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Ben Hudson; Bríd Ní Ghráinne
Refugee Survey Quarterly
Enhancing State-to-State Dialogue on Internal Displacement: Current Global Fora and Future Prospects
In Press
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This paper explores the potential for global platforms to facilitate State peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and mobilisation on internal displacement. As such, it is broadly interested in questions around the promotion of political will, responsibility and accountability, albeit that detailed discussions of each of these underlying concepts lies beyond its scope. The paper examines a range of global platforms where peer-to-peer dialogue and learning between States on internal displacement matters may take place, rather than focusing on the humanitarian or development architecture of the United Nations (UN) system. Firstly, given the understanding of internal displacement as a human rights concern, it examines the extent to which pertinent political fora concerned with human rights function as appropriate platforms. Secondly, given the close relationship of internal displacement and refugee issues, it explores the scope of existing refugee fora as sites or models for the discussion of internal displacement. Finally, it assesses the prospects for a dedicated global forum on internal displacement, based on incipient processes that currently exist to facilitate peer-to-peer dialogue and exchange among States on IDP issues.
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