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O'Neill, Jerry
ESA Webinar: Biographical work in a time of social distancing: interview(s), analysis, interpretation
Walking It
ESA Research Network 03 'Biographical Perspectives on European Societies'
Invited Oral Presentation
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Over the last year or so I have been working, in the cracks of a precarious academic life, on a walking inquiry project with fellow adult educators. The ongoing work, entitled “Walking It”, is grounded in, and draws on, an adult education epistemology and practice which prioritises dialogic, embodied and critically-charged biographic reflexivity in education and research. Over a series of, ongoing, dialogic encounters, I walk and talk, in turn, with a number of adult education colleagues who invite me to walk into, and through, a place of significance in their own biographies. On our walks we talk through the significance of the space and walking as a practice in their lives. The walking dialogues are audio-recorded and produced as a series of podcasts available on SoundCloud and Spotify (link below). As well as unearthing the therapeutic, intellectual, social, political, post-colonial, and familial resonances of walking across my interlocutor’s lives, the possibilities of, and need, for walking as an outdoor methodology for education and research emerges as an increasingly pressing theme to be engaged with in the context of the great disorientation of the global pandemic.