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Leon, JEG;Leon, DLG
Latin American Research Review
Intersex subjects and heterosexual matrix: The bodies that matter to Colombian jurisprudence; A Queer reading
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This article presents the results of a research project that analyzes the T-622/14 ruling by the Colombian Constitutional Court regarding the sex reassignment of intersex children. The analysis focuses primarily on the study of the voices involved and on the examination of the discourse strategies used to build the concept of intersexuality. Furthermore, the study, with its methodological focus on critical discourse analysis and queer theory, makes evident how the judicial discourse appropriates other discourse instances, such as medical discourse, so as to define, shape, and construct the bodies that matter and the lives that are worth living in a heterocentric society. We conclude that, for the Constitutional Court, autonomy and personal -decision -capacity are key aspects in cases where intersex individuals want to modify their bodies -surgically; however, within the ruling the power relations that the dominant heterosexual matrix produces on these subjects are omitted.
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