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O'Keeffe, S.
How to teach children about feminism
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Education, feminism, gender, gender roles
RTE Brainstorm (Online)
Opinion: feminism is a way of understanding how gender and gender relations silently govern our daily lives It’s difficult for men these days. Can I give a woman a compliment? Hold the door open or pay for a date? Modern gender relations have changed so much in the past 50 years that it is difficult to know exactly what men can offer women. Women are not only able to bring home the bacon these days, but they can fry it up in the pan too. Distinct social roles and customs have long highlighted the differences between men and women rather than the underlying unities. For that reason, men and women are generally understood in terms of what the other is not. Take yourself as an example: how many roles do you take on simply because you are a man or a woman?
Online at: https://www.rte.ie/brainstorm/2020/1123/1179902-how-to-teach-children-about-feminism/
RTE Brainstorm
Jim Carroll
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