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Curriculum design / Support materials
Fitzsimons, C and Connolly, B.
Women's Reproduction and Rights
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reproductive rights, social justice, abortion, the eighth amendment
This resource is designed as a support for those interested in runn ing a community education programme that enables women can come together to discuss their reproductive rights. In this pack, you will find all you need to organise and deliver this programme including details on the educational approach to be used, recommended reading for facilitators and participants , and session plans . These include exercises and information about a range of pro - choice sup port organisations working to advance women’s reproductive rights in Ireland. The handbook provides flexible resources , references and activities and it is up to the facilitators to decide what is appropriate to their groups. For some groups, it is essen tial to hold back on handouts, difficult langua ge and /or alienating processes. However, it is equally essential not to remain at that basic starting point. T he golden rule is to begin where the groups are at, with the intention of creating the opportuni ty to progress and develop the ideas, k nowledge bases and engagements of the participants.
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