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Munro, Morag; Meyler, Robyn; Cullen, John; Cushen, Jean; Ryazanova, Olga
EdTech Winter Online Conference 2021 Paradigm Shift : Reflection, Resilience and Renewal in Digital Education
Promoting Student Engagement with Business Information Sources using NewsGuard and the RADAR Approach
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It is essential that students studying business actively seek out and critically engage with high quality and reliable information sources. This is in contrast with general trends in information seeking and news media consumption. Young people increasingly consume information via mobile devices and through social media platforms (Sveningsson, 2015). Rather than actively seeking out appropriate sources of news, information consumption via these channels tends to be ‘incidental’: occurring sporadically whilst already immersed in social networks (Kümpel, 2019). This poster describes a recently launched project aimed at promoting active student engagement with business information sources. Through a social media campaign and other supports, developed and implemented in partnership with a student intern, students are introduced to the RADAR approach (Mandalios, 2013) along with the NewsGuard application, as tools for evaluating the reliability of news sites.