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Hilary Tierney
Mapping Fieldwork and Supervision Practice in the Social Professions (Part 2)
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Little is known about the experiences, practices and perceptions of fieldwork supervisors in the context of third-level professional education and training programmes in the social professions. The first installment of this two-part article (Tierney, 2011) explored the general area of supervision in the social professions,highlighting its threefold focus on accountability, learning and support. It then examined fieldwork practice in professional training programmes, drawing on the work of –among others – Holmes and Bryant (1977), LaBoskey and Rickert (2002) and Webber (1999, 2000a, 2000b). This second part of the article looks at supervision in the specific context of fieldwork placement within professional programmes. It considers the distinctive features of supervision in such a context; the tensions, challenges and opportunities arising for practitioners; the factors shaping student learning during fieldwork; the typical stages of the fieldwork experience and features of effective supervision. It suggests that greater clarity regarding appropriate models of supervision in youth work and community work may be difficult to achieve without a more robust and generally agreed articulation of what constitutes good professional practice in these fields.
Dublin, Ireland
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