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Jessica Dunne, Alice Mary Higgins, Adam Lambe, Grace McManus, Dermot O'Brien, Cate O'Connor, Hilary Tierney
How can the youth sector activate its power to accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) NYCI One world week 2020
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Under current momentum, the SDGs will be achieved in 100 years. This isn’t good enough. We have ten years to activate our power to accelerate the implementation of the SDGs. This means all hands-on deck. This session is a conversation involving all those within the youth sector – youth workers, youth organisations, volunteers, youth policy makers, youth educators, young people, and decision makers. It will focus on how we can initiate our power to implement the SDGs. What is our plan of action for the ten transformative years we have left?
Dermot O'Brien
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