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Hilary Tierney and Maurice Devln [Organisers and Convenors]
Professional Education and Training for Youth Work - An International Forum
First International Youth Work Educators' Forum. 25th‐27th June 2013
Maynooth University
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Do you ever find yourself wondering..... •What type of profession is youth work?• Is it a discipline? What discipline(s) underpin it What is its core knowledge base? Its core value base? What about ethics? What is the relationship between education and training? How is fieldwork practice integrated within programmes? What is (the role of) theory in youth work education?I Confirmed contributors so far include:• Trudi Cooper, Edith Cowan University, Perth Robyn Broadbent, Victoria University, Melbourne Dana Fusco, City University of New York Päivi Honkatukia, University of Tampere, Finland Howard Sercombe, Strathclyde University, Glasgow