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Leong A.S.;Quevedo D.E.;Dey S.
IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, PIMRC
A game-theoretic approach to covert communications
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© 2020 IEEE. This paper considers a game-theoretic formulation of the covert communications problem with finite blocklength, where the transmitter (Alice) can randomly vary her transmit power in different blocks, while the warden (Willie) can randomly vary his detection threshold in different blocks. In this two-player game, the payoff for Alice is a combination of the coding rate to the receiver (Bob) and the detection error probability at Willie, while the payoff for Willie is the negative of his detection error probability. Nash equilibrium solutions to the game are obtained and shown to be efficiently computable using linear programming. For less covert requirements, our game-theoretic approach can achieve significantly higher coding rates than uniformly distributed transmit powers. We then consider the situation with an additional jammer, where Alice and the jammer can both vary their powers and jointly comprise one player, with Willie as the other player. The use of a jammer is shown in numerical simulations to lead to further significant performance improvements.
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