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Irwin, Ann; Coombes, Tommy; McGinley, Edel; Crickley, Anastasia; O'Shea, Marianne; Bradley, Ciara; Taylor, Seamus
United Nations Human Rights Day: Recover Better - Stand Up for Human Rights
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UN Human Rights Day, Recover Better - Stand Up for Human Rights, Centre for Rights Recognition and Redistribution, Department of Applied Social Studies, Community Work Ireland
This year’s global Human Rights Day theme relates to the COVID-19 pandemic and focuses on the need to build back better by ensuring Human Rights are central to recovery efforts. We can reach our common global goals only if we are able to create equal opportunities for all, address the failures exposed and exploited by COVID-19, and apply human rights standards to tackle entrenched, systematic, and intergenerational inequalities, exclusion and discrimination. Here in Ireland, community workers have been at the forefront of local, national and regional responses to the pandemic. This seminar will highlight some of the challenges and opportunities that have emerged for communities across Ireland during this period and provide a space to consider how we can look to integrate human rights perspectives into our work as we look towards 2021.
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