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Kerr, Aphra; O'Brennan, John, Vazguez Mendoza, Lucia
Gambling Trends, Harms and Responses: Ireland in an International Context
Maynooth University
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gambling, gambling harms; gambling policy; public health; gambling regulation;
This report provides a summary of a one-year research project funded by the Gambling Awareness Trust in Ireland and conducted in late 2019 and 2020. The core focus of the project was on 1) trends in the gambling industry and gambling behaviour 2) conceptual and empirical evidence on harmful gambling, and 3) responses to gambling harms and emerging best practice. This report is based on a state-of-the-art literature review on gambling and the findings of 20 interviews with a range of gambling stakeholders in Ireland. This report contributes to expanding and updating our knowledge and understanding of the gambling ecosystem and the range of gambling harms in Ireland. It provides a social scientific perspective, which expands beyond medical and health-based responses to evaluate the wider trends, impacts and international best practice in responses to gambling harm. The authors update available research to capture the mediatisation of gambling across television and social media, trace the emergence of digital and online platforms associated with gambling and e-sports, identify the ongoing gamblification of sport, and the emergence of corporate social responsibility responses in parts of the industry. Finally, it examines the patchwork of public, private and charity services and initiatives which are responding to the individual and social harms caused by gambling in communities and society more generally. The report highlights five areas where urgent action is needed including: public health, education and awareness, legislation and regulation, advertising and marketing and the introduction of self-exclusion schemes.
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Gambling Awareness Trust,