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Máire Nic an Bhaird, Laoise Ní Chléirigh
International Froebel Society
A Froebelian Voice in Sustainability
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A Froebelian Voice in Sustainability List of three keywords: Sustainability/Play/Froebelian Dr Máire Nic an Bhaird, email: Laoise Ní Chléirigh, email: Affiliation: Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education, 3rd Floor, School of Education, Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co. Kildare. This paper will explain the inclusion of our youngest citizens in the circular economy and sustainability conversations through various teaching and learning projects. The Froebelian Ecofeminist theoretical framework supported these projects and specifically promoted Froebelian philosophy, principles and practice. Ecofeminist philosophy provided the opportunity to reassess linear and patriarchal structures, and encouraged attendance to organic, holistic connections through circular ways of thinking and non-patriarchal structures. Twine (2010) asserts that ecofeminism connects the oppression of women, animals and nature as symbolically, structurally and politically similar because ‘embodiment and nature have been exploited as a rich source for images of otherness.’ Froebel would posit that nature is us, and there is no other with regard to the natural world. Therein lies part of the Froebel and ecofeminism alignment. Where Froebelian and ecofeminist philosophy meet will be explained and we will discuss how Froebelian Ecofeminist philosophy was core to these teaching and learning projects. We explored sustainability and how through embracing the wonders of the natural world, we can develop our skills of environmental awareness and care. ‘Perception is the beginning and the preliminary condition for thinking. One’s own perceptions awaken one’s own thinking in later stages of development’ (Friedrich Froebel, Educator) References: Twine, R. (2010). Intersectional disgust? Animals and (eco)feminism. UK Feminism & Psychology20(3) 397–406. UK: Lancaster University keywords: Sustainability Play Froebelia