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Annika Hilding Norberg, Lena Larsson, Jonas Wikstrom, Robert Nerud; Doreen.Schulze, Markus.Feilke, Kieran Doyle, Anne Dicks, and Brigitta Von Messling
Report on Leadership & Management Training in CSDP Missions
ZIF Berlin
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Persons in leadership positions in Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) missions require a wide array of competences and skills in order to fulfil the responsibilities that come with their position and effectively manage missions in complex environments. Developing learning objectives for middle and senior managers to build their capacities before and during their deployment is the objective of this Training Area Assessment (TRA). Despite an extensive supply of leadership trainings available, it is the unique context of civilian CSDP missions, which differs greatly from the non-crisis work context that is often missing from the training content. However, the impact of this complex context on the functioning of a mission poses one of the main challenges when leading personnel and managing the mission. The environment is highly politicized with a high degree of security risks to the staff and to mission assets, which influences the decision-making processes and priorities. There is often a very quick turnover in staff with constant rotations and personnel not working in their area of expertise, often times rather in advising roles. This causes an instability that has to be channelled in a constructive way. Taking these aspects into consideration throughout all Leadership and Management (L&M) training modules for mission managers is essential to make the activity relevant for civilian CSDP personnel. A generic L&M capacity-building activity is of limited use for this specific target audience.
Research Report for EU Civilian Training Group, CIVCOM
ZIF Berlin
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Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade / DFAIT