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Pierson, J., Robinson, C., Boddington, P., Chazerand, P., Kerr, A., Milan, S., Verbeek, V., Kutterer, C., Nerantzi, E., Catalina, I.
AI4People 2020 AI in Media and Technology Sector: Opportunities, Risks, Requirements and Recommendations
Atomium EISMD
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Following its past work on AI ethics (with the “AI4People’s Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society: Opportunities, Risks, Principles, and Recommendations”) and on AI governance (with the “AI4People Report on Good AI Governance: 14 Priority Actions, a S.M.A.R.T. Model of Governance, and a Regulatory Toolbox”), in 2020 AI4People has identified seven strategic sectors (Automotive, Banking & Finance, Energy, Healthcare, Insurance, Legal Service Industry, Media & Technology) for the deployment of ethical AI, appointing 7 different committees to analyze how can trustworthy AI be implemented in these sectors: the AI4People’s 7 AI Global Frameworks are the result of this effort. As AI systems increasingly pervade modern society and lead to manifold and diverse consequences, the development of internationally recognized and industry-specific frameworks focusing on legal and ethical principles is crucial. This report aims at (a) understanding how the 7 Key Requirements for Trustworthy AI impact the Media and Technology sector (MTS) and at (b) putting forward guidelines to ensure compliance with the 7 Key Requirements. see
Applying the Key requirements for Trustworthy AI to different sectors
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Science Foundation Ireland
SFI 13/RC/2106_P2