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M. Dobbs, V. Gravey and L. Petetin
The turbulent development of agricultural policies post-Brexit
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Brexit poses numerous challenges and opportunities, not least being the design of domestic agricul- tural policies to replace the role of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This encompasses fi- nancial support schemes, as well as regulatory standards. As a devolved matter that overlaps with re- served matters (including trade, international obligations and financing of the devolved administra- tions), it risks being highly contentious to address. Trade is essential to agriculture, yet agriculture is only a minor component of trade. External issues such as Covid-19 and climate change add to the complexity of the matter. All-in-all, the area is being pulled in numerous directions simultaneously, with the ground shifting underfoot and yet with time pressure to design and implement long-term policies – turbulence abounds. This paper analyses the core developments across the UK with respect to agricultural policy, in light of Ansell and Trondal’s turbulent governance theory. It identifies the various sources of turbulence that exist, before considering the key responses by policy-makers at the UK and devolved levels – including the design of agricultural financial support policies and measures affecting the development or continuation of regulatory standards. It concludes that the UK Govern- ment prioritized “getting Brexit done” over delivering a “Green Brexit”, to the detriment of both the quality of agricultural policy and internal relations with the devolved administrations.
Queen's University Belfast
Centre of European and Transnational Studies
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