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Dempsey, M., & Burke, J.
Journal of Happiness and Health
Flourishing during COVID-19: Exploration of the factors that impacted the wellbeing of school leaders during the pandemic in Ireland
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The COVID-19 outbreak impacted the wellbeing of school communities worldwide. However, little is known about the factors that helped individuals maintain their wellbeing amid the pandemic. The current paper presented selected results from two surveys carried out with primary school leaders in the Republic of Ireland in relation to the factors that protected their wellbeing during the COVID-19 school closure. The first survey took place two months after the school closure (Time 1,N= 939); the second one, three months after the school re-opening (Time 2, N= 861). Participants’ wellbeing was assessed using the Mental Health Continuum Short Form (MHC-SF). The findings showed that participants’ wellbeing decline from Time 1 to Time 2. Descriptive analysis showedthat approximately half of the sample at both times experienced flourishing. Finally, qualitative analysis identified similaritiesamong flourishing and non-flourishing leaders in relation to them becoming more health-conscious and seeking social connection. However, compared with flourishing leaders, non-flourishing leaders reported feeling overwhelmed and seeking help. Equally, flourishing leaders reported scheduling personal time, professional development and having a more positive outlook, which may have affected their wellbeing. Discussed are the implications of the current study that can inform the policy and practice of school leaders in Ireland and worldwide.
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