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Kerr, Aphra
2021 September
Digital Media Distribution. Portals, Platforms and Pipelines
The Circulation Game: shifting production logics and circulation moments in the digital games industry
New York
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Circulation, production logics, platforms, digital games
In this chapter I briefly outline the production logics approach and then introduce the key production logics in the digital games industry, including adaptations and new logics. The final section will focus on three moments of circulation in contemporary production logics, namely: the influence of implicit user data on professional content production, the role of community managers in supporting online communities, and finally the development of live performance forms of user generated content. The chapter is informed by two decades of projects examining the circuits of production in the digital games industry in Europe. The overall collection, 'Digital Media Distribution: Portals, Platforms, Pipelines' provides a timely examination of the multifaceted distribution landscape in a moment of transformation and conceptualizes media distribution as a complex site of power, privilege, and gatekeeping. These tensions have local, national, and global consequences on the autonomy of creative workers, as well as on how we gain access to, engage with, and understand cultural products. Drawing on original research into distribution practices in industries as diverse as television, film, videogames, literature, and adult entertainment, each chapter explores how digitization has changed media distribution and its broader economic, industrial, social, and cultural implications.
McDonald, Paul Donoghue, Courtney Brannon Havens, Timothy
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