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Hayes, N., O'Toole, L. and Halpenny, A. M.
Introducing Bronfenbrenner: A guide for practitioners and students in early years education (2nd edition)
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Bioecological theory; Bronfenbrenner; early childhood
Since the publication of the first edition of Introducing Bronfenbrenner in 2017 a great deal has changed in the world and in early childhood education. In particular, the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic has had a profound effect on early childhood services, highlighting the central role of early childhood education and care in the lives of young children and their families. The experience has also made visible the crucial role of early childhood professionals and their flexibility and adaptability to changing contexts. With these changes have come new challenges and new opportunities presenting us with an opportunity to revisit and review our book, update references, make changes to some chapters and add one full new chapter. This edition provides those working in early childhood with a comprehensive introduction to the work of Bronfenbrenner and its relevance to contemporary early educational practice. It illustrates how the model acts as a responsive framework within which the quality of early educational pedagogy can be understood and enhanced. The chapters are presented in two sections. The first section, chapters 1 to 5, introduces the bioecological model and discusses different theoretical aspects of the model. The second section, chapters 6 to 11, focuses more on the practical application of the model in early years settings.
2nd edition
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