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Fitzsimons, Camilla
Studies in the Education of Adults
Critical Education in the Irish Repeal Movement
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critical pedagogy, reproductive rights, adult education and social activism.
Special Edition 2022
This article is written from a pro-choice perspective. It adopts an anti-capitalist feminist lens to examine educational aspects of the Irish Repeal movement; a 35 year long, grass-roots movement that forced the hand of reluctant politicians into calling a referendum to repeal the eighth amendment, an archaic constitutional clause that prevented domestic access to abortion. I draw from existing evidence through websites and media interviews, my own experience as an academic-activist and aspects of comprehensive, mixed methods research I carried out over a three-year period (2018-2021). I maintain it was the independent (non-state funded) nature of the civil society groups involved that enabled them to determine structures and oppositional tactics including participative, dialogic, hands-on, adult education. As the Irish reproductive rights movement enters a new phase of seeking to improve one of Europe’s most conservative laws, I argue for a reproductive justice approach that expands its demands far beyond the single issue of abortion access and illuminate an ongoing critical pedagogic dimension as part of this struggle.
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