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Invited Lectures
Sinéad Ring
Stealthing and the Criminal Law. Public Lecture to Celebrate 20 Anniversary of Brussels School of International Studies.
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In this public lecture, Dr Sinéad Ring examines the problem of non-consensual condom removal, or so-called 'stealthing'. The talk locates recent discussions of this behaviour in the broader context of increased openness about the nature and harms of sexual violence. Drawing on feminist legal theory and arguments from doctrinal criminal law, including recent decisions of Irish, English and European courts, Dr Ring argues the case for the criminalisation of this behaviour, identifying the harms involved, and the required mental element, the case for charging it as rape, and examining the challenges involved in proving this behaviour in court. Finally the lecture concludes with reflections on the value for feminist lawyers and their allies in focussing their energies on the criminalisation of stealthing.
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