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Tadhg E. MacIntyre, Giovanna Calogiuri, Aoife A. Donnelly, Giles Warrington, J├╝rgen Beckmann, Ian Lahart, Noel Brick
2019 Unknown
Physical Activity in Natural Settings
Societal challenges, methodological issues and transdisciplinary approaches
New York
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Societal challenges currently impact upon human and environmental health posing an interconnected set of wicked problems. There is an urgent need to tackle these problems and, in this chapter, we assess the evidence for benefits for mental well-being, cognitive function and health resulting from the combination of exercise and nature. Our transdisciplinary approach includes novel innovations which have been somewhat overlooked. We propose three recommendations for research on green exercise to reach a gold standard required for an evidence-based approach.
Donnelly, A.A. & MacIntyre, T.E.
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