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Mandatory Fields
Tadhg E. MacIntyre, Greig Oliver, Andree Walkin, Giovanna Calogiuri, Aoife A. Donnelly, Susan Gritzka, Maire-Treasa Ni Cheallaigh
2019 Unknown
Physical Activity in Natural Settings
From tracks to Trails: Case Studies of Green Exercise
New York
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One aspect that has been overlooked in the study of human-nature interactions is the voice of the participants in green exercise. In this chapter we strive to bridge this gap by exploring the lived experiences of six athletes in relation to the complex interplay between their sport practice and nature. Using a mixed-methods approach, we examined the athletes’ well-being, connectedness to nature, and environmental concerns through a set of standardised instruments, and subsequently, summarised central themes that emerged from interviews.
Donnelly, A.A. & MacIntyre, T.E.
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