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MacIntyre, T.E, Oliver, G., Walkin, A., Calogiuri, G., Donnelly, A., Gritzka, S. & Warrington, G.
2019 Unknown
Physical Activity in Natural Settings
Case studies in blue exercise
New York
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In this chapter we continue our mission, commenced in Chapter 10, of reporting the voice of the participants in outdoor exercise in natural settings. In particular, we present the cases of seven athletes in a range of activities taking places in blue environments, such as long distance open-water swimming, white-water and ultra-endurance kayaking and big wave surfing. After examining the participants’ well-being, connectedness to nature, and environmental concerns through a set of standardized instruments, we summarized central themes that emerged from in-depth interviews with each of the participants.
Donnelly, A.A. & MacIntyre, T.E.
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