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Tor Eldevik, Leif Anderson, Helene Asbjørnsen, Beatriz Balino, Jean-Marie Beckers, Henrique Cabral, Julie Deshayes, Frederic Dias, Jean-Claude Duplessy, Marta Estrada Miyare, Bogi Hansen, Gerard McCarthy, Michael Norton, Tim Palmer, Lars Smedsrud, Petteri Uotila, Erik van Sebille, Martin Visbeck, Lars Walløe
A sea of change: Europe’s future in the Atlantic realm
European Academies Science Advisory Council Policy Report
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In this report, we describe the underlying processes and trends in the Atlantic, and the ways in which the state of the ocean – currents, winds, waves and ocean mixing – impact Europe’s climate, marine environment and resources. The report looks at the implications for a wide range of European policy issues, from the future of our regional climate, through marine resource and energy, to fisheries management. As found in many environmental issues, there are important interactions between different areas of policy, and we hope this analysis will help to ensure synergy between economic and environmental approaches to marine policy
ISBN 978-3-8047-4262-8
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